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The Purpose of  My Reinvented Life is to be a financial resource for bringing life coaching to individuals experiencing cultural transition. 


Deb Dowdle

Executive Director

Chairman, Board of Directors

I’ve experienced my own cultural transition on a very personal level. In the end, a burning desire to create my own life was much stronger than the fear that tried to keep me small.

Welcome to My Reinvented Life—a safe place to guide your personal transformation. My name is Deb Dowdle, and I’m the founder.

How do I know about reinvention? I am the tenth of forty children. Yes, you read that right. Before I transcended a life of polygamy and extreme poverty, my large family once lived on a four-acre, fenced-in commune. In our destitute condition, we ate food foraged from dumpsters, slept shoulder-to-shoulder on floors, and attended mandated, daily meetings to enforce the fundamentalist ideology of my father, a man with seven wives and strongly devout convictions he forced upon his children.

Only as I grew and started to question the persuasions of my upbringing as a teenager did my feet become replanted on a strategic path. Through the last three decades of hard work and courage, I was able to create an intentional future, manifested through visionary and proactive thought where I finally started using my voice to tell my own story.

Maycock Family3_edited.jpg

That one's me!

Cody with Massai warriors.jpg

My son, Cody, & a gaggle of Maasai warriors

The Power of Reinvention…and What It Can Offer You

Not only did I leave the mental, iron chains of polygamy, poverty and fundamentalism, I have created a life of abundance and purpose! I’m a certified life coach. I’m also in the process of writing my memoir, illustrating my earlier years and personal journey. Through a kaleidoscope of experiences—which I have now learned to truly value—I’m showcasing my process of re-scripting my foundational belief systems in order to create a new and better life.

With each tremulous, new step came more understanding. . . and more opportunity! I was guided to an education and career in the human behavior industry where I happily submersed myself in new ideologies, inspired literature, open, supportive science, and plenty of freedom to practice. 

In addition, I've been given many opportunities to travel the world, providing opportunities to become immersed in and truly value the varied aspects of many different cultures as well as humanity's many commonalities.

I am passionate about life coaching in its many forms because I’m able to witness these types of powerful changes in others, too. For years, it was my privilege to work as a civilian contractor for the US Air Force. Deeply engaged with many other organizations, implementing training supported by a dynamic coaching program, these business relationships eventually opened the door for my own personal coaching practice, which brought great satisfaction to me and deeper, personal success for my clients and family. What a ride it’s been!


  • International Coaching Federation Certified Coach (ICF PCC)

  • Shipley Certified Professional Coach (SCPC)

  • Four-Lenses Personality Assessment and Facilitator Certified

  • Four-Lenses Coaching Certified

  • Temperament Intelligence Train-the-Trainer Certified (TI) 

  • Formal education in Organizational Communication

Screenshot 2022-06-20 103603_edited.jpg

Henry, one of my
cherished beagles



Together we can empower others to reinvent themselves, giving away the victim mentality for a higher way of thinking. . . to have the clarity to become the joyful creators of their lives. As we impact one individual at a time, a global movement of self-empowerment can emerge.


Why Life Coaching?

​Change is an inevitable part of life for all of us. There are, however, pivotal experiences that become catalysts for complete cultural reinvention, whether forced upon us or through proactive choice. This kind of transformation manifests itself both in the material world as well as in the mind -- our belief systems. In our human need to progress from survival to true fulfillment, critical steps must be taken to step outside of the victim role and into a wider expanse of consciousness and opportunities.  The life coaching model has proven to be a very effective process for supporting individuals to reach long-term desired results. In general, a life coach can help a person identify particular strengths and vulnerabilities, set sustainable and purpose-driven goals, rescript limiting belief systems, and open their eyes to opportunities they may have never seen before. In addition, the quantum, or spiritual, realms of understanding can catapult results sky high! The key to success with all methods of change-management is tenacious desire, perseverance, and a consistent accountability approach. However, even with all the right tools and hard work, your progress is completely contingent upon your humble acknowledgment of the Divine’s absolute desire for your wellbeing. Always remember. . . you were designed to succeed!

Meet Our Board of Directors



Justin Garn completed twenty-six years of military service and considers the good he did in the personal lives of the soldiers he led his greatest achievement. He also has over fifteen years experience as a federally certified educator/teacher and eighteen years experience as a trainer and coach focusing in the area of resilience and positive psychology.


Justin is a popular trainer and public speaker who loves presenting to groups small or large, as well as individuals and families in their own homes. His purpose and satisfaction is found in guiding others to unlock their own greatness.

Justin Garn.jpg
Tanya Henderson.jpg



Tanya Henderson is a hospice chaplain and working on her masters degree in spiritual care. She is also the owner of Onsite Corporate Massage, with over thirty years in practice. In addition, Tanya is certified in geriatric massage and passionate about the care of our aging and dying population. 


In Tanya's personal, spiritual journey for peace and truth, she has grown to love people more deeply and has a strong desire to bring service and comfort to others.


Tanya has raised five amazing children by herself. She adores her eight grandchildren and enjoys any time she gets with her family. Tanya loves the great outdoors, the smell of a campfire, the fragrance of flowers, early morning workouts, inspiring music and positive reading.



Dinah Head has never been afraid of hard work especially if it’s something she's passionate about. . . and she's passionate about being of service.


Dinah is an avid homesteader, building up her dream property of twenty acres of land with a long-term plan for a farm, meandering park, and cottages for her ever-growing family. In addition, supporting her extended family in their healing is critical to her life work. She has felt compelled to dedicate hundreds of hours to family research, supporting Deb Dowdle, her sister, in writing her memoir and building this important foundation. 


Dinah's husband of twelve years is her best friend. They have five children and six grandchildren who are "her world". Dinah plays hard, works hard, and feels deeply. When she asked her family to describe her, they said; "hard working, loyal, strong, honest, big-hearted, a good friend, outgoing. . . and stubborn as an ox".

Dinah Head.jpeg
Qassim Hello.jpg



With personal experience in more than three different cultures — Kurdistand, Arab and American — Qassim is well versed in the transition process. In addition to his own Yazidi culture, he is trilingual in Kurdish (Kurmanji), Arabic, and English. Qassim worked for the U.S. Army as a translator in Iraq for more than three years. His small family were the first Yazidis to be relocated to Utah. They have traveled to multiple states and now reside in Houston, Texas.


Qassim and his beautiful wife, Alifa Alkhalaf, are raising two wonderful children, Ala’a and Jason, far from their family and community in Iraq. Their objective for both their family and their cultural community is only peace, which is understandable, as the Yazidi’s have endured seventy-four documented acts of genocide because of their beliefs.



Ayisha Mitchell grew up in a remote village of 1,200 people in Bugri, Ghana, West Africa. She attended boarding school, learning to speak five African languages: Kussal, Dagbane, Frafra, Mampruli and Twi, as well as English.


Earning a scholarship in track and field, Ayisha attended high school and later college in the United States. She holds several records in the 800M, 1500M both Indoors and Outdoors and cross country. In 2007, she took first place at Nationals at the Cross Country Championships.


Ayisha has been married for seventeen years and has three beautiful children. She works in banking and currently serves on the board of directors for Hart African as well, which facilitates humanitarian missions in Ghana West Africa.

Ayisha Mitchell.png

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
- C. S. Lewis


Office Address:
13032 South Redwood Road, Ste #5 Redwood Road,
Riverton UT 84065

Deb Dowdle, Executive Director

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