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Change is an inevitable part of life for all of us and working with a life coach can often make the difference between success and continuing frustration.


My Reinvented Life, Inc. is not a coaching company. We, however, strongly support many life coaching platforms and are excited to offer the MRL Endowment as most of these offerings are not covered by traditional insurance. As a non-profit, we cannot recommend any particular company, coach or change intervention, leaving this part of the process in the hands of the participant. 


There are many different life coaching platforms to consider before selecting a coach that fits your particular needs. Thankfully, many coaches are skilled in more than one genre. 

We encourage you to explore many different coaches and processes to find the fit that’s right for you focusing on both traditional and spiritual platforms.

 Although we are not a coaching company, as a support, we offer the following document:

Finding Your Coach.


My Reinvented Life, Inc. does not advocate for any one coach, culture or religion. The Coaches Guild provides coaching clients an opportunity to select a coach that will best suit their needs from among our list of professional, qualified coaches.


IMG_6901 - Jenna Cataleta.jpeg
  • Certification in Integrative Coaching, 2022

  • First and Second Degree Reiki Usui/Holy Fire Attunement, 2022

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Certification, 2020

  • Trauma Responsive Certification with
    Dr. Bruce Perry, 2020

  • Master's Degree in Special Education, 2013

Jenna Cataleta



Company: Connection Coaching, LLC


Jenna is a mother, intuitive healer, professional coach, licensed wellness educator, and lifelong spiritual practitioner. She integrates her 15 years of professional experience and personal self-exploration to guide and support overwhelmed caregivers and nurturers with regulating stress, reclaiming their energy, and reconnecting back to their Spirit. She is passionate about helping her clients create transformative self-care systems of support that are individualized, practical, and sustainable. Her innovative style utilizes a variety of healing modalities, including professional coaching, meditation, energy balancing, connection circles, and intuitive offerings. She combines and tailors her approach to help reveal the sacred truth of each individual Spirit that she has the opportunity to work with as they discover a path for growth and healing together.

Headshot small - Tish VanRavenhorst.jpeg
  • Gallup certification: CliftonStrengths Coach for Individuals, Managers, and Teams

  • Shipley Communications certification: Certified Professional Coach

Tish VanRavenhorst



Company: Next Level Teams

Tish VanRavenhorst is a distinguished executive coach affiliated with Next Level Teams, where she passionately dedicates herself to delivering exceptional value to clients spanning various industries. With a career deeply ingrained in steering organizations towards success, Tish embodies unwavering dedication, extensive expertise, and a profound commitment to nurturing growth at all levels. Her credentials, including certifications from Shipley Communications and Gallup, equip her to empower clients to realize their full potential by leveraging strengths and effectively navigating challenges. Tish's coaching philosophy underscores a personalized approach, meticulously tailored to cater to the distinct needs and aspirations of each individual she guides.

20230330_142026 - Teresa Hobbs.jpg
  • CTRC - Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, 
    The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching

  • Certified Pain Reprocessing Therapy Practitioner

    Pain Reprocessing Therapy Center

  • Certified Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider

    Unyte & Integrated Listening Systems

  • Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies Certificate Levels I, II & III, Collectedly Rooted with Linda Thai

Teresa Hobbs



Company: Monarch Integrative Coaching

Teresa is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach™, a Pain Reprocessing Therapy Practitioner and a Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider. She utilizes tools from Mindbody Medicine, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, and many somatic embodiment practices to support clients with nervous system regulation.

Teresa specializes in working with people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, social-anxiety, PTSD and/or those people who experience chronic health conditions like CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypersensitivities, MCAS, and many other conditions with a variety of “mystery symptoms”. Teresa believes there is a strong connection between (adversity/prolonged stress/trauma) and the expression of chronic emotional and physical health conditions.

Teresa offers her clients compassion, understanding, education and resources to support their own healing and expansion. She shares her own story of recovery from trauma and a devastating illness that left her bedbound, to demonstrate the profound impacts of healing. She walks beside her clients as they navigate their own recovery journeys, towards greater emotional, spiritual, and physical resilience.

Apply for an Endowment

My Reinvented Life, Inc provides coaching scholarships to individuals who are experiencing cultural transitions. If you or someone you know would benefit from professional, expert coaching, please apply now. 

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