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Not everyone can afford to proactively work on their well-being as well as taking care of the everyday necessities when experiencing change. This coaching endowment has been created to be a helping hand to those in need, reinforcing the priority to care for mind and spirit, as well as body, through this critical time of life.

Through an endowment program, My Reinvented Life connects individuals experiencing cultural transition with life coaches. This empowers the recipient to navigate major changes in culture, thought, beliefs and habit; to co-create desired results within their new environment.

Cultural transition occurs when we proactively replace beliefs, habits or customs for a new life more aligned with our core values.

Do you identify with this definition and do you see a life coach as the next step in your progression?



If you would like to refer someone to apply for the MRL Endowment program, be sure to send them the link to this web page. 

Look inside. The courage is within you to step out of the box someone else constructed for you.”

- Deb Dowdle

Image by Anthony Cantin

Finding a Life Coach

Change is an inevitable part of life for all of us and working with a life coach can often make the difference between success and continuing frustration.


My Reinvented Life, Inc. is not a coaching company. We, however, strongly support many life coaching platforms and are excited to offer the MRL Endowment as most of these offerings are not covered by traditional insurance. As a non-profit, we cannot recommend any particular company, coach or change intervention, leaving this part of the process in the hands of the participant. 


There are many different life coaching platforms to consider before selecting a coach that fits your particular needs. Thankfully, many coaches are skilled in more than one genre. 

We encourage you to explore many different coaches and processes to find the fit that’s right for you focusing on both traditional and spiritual platforms.

 Although we are not a coaching company, as a support, we offer the following document:

Finding Your Coach.


The key to success with all methods of change-management is tenacious desire, perseverance, and a consistent accountability approach. However, even with all the right tools and diligence, your progress is completely contingent upon your hard work and a humble acknowledgment of the Divine’s absolute desire for your wellbeing.


Remember. . . you were always designed to succeed!

Share Your Story

We honor the story that shaped us.

We claim the right to create a new story.

We tell our story so others may be empowered.

Storytelling is powerful! Honoring, rescripting, and sharing your personal story is a huge part of what we value at My Reinvented Life.


In addition to providing means for your personal coaching journey, we ask for the privilege of recording your success story, following your coaching intervention, to be shared with others on our website.


We believe that a library of shared stories will become a remarkable gift and resource to millions of individuals in need of hope. 


This video opportunity is purely optional. We are deeply compassionate about your life journey and your possible desire for privacy.

Please contact us if you are interested in sharing your story of cultural transition.


“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”
- Abraham Maslow 

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