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The mission of the MRL Coaches Guild is to bring together coaches and practitioners focused on serving individuals who are experiencing cultural transition.

My Reinvented Life, Inc. provides ongoing training, screening, and referrals to members of our Coaches Guild as well as facilitating scholarships for individuals to pay for coaching services. We do not provide direct coaching to clientele.


To avoid a conflict of interest, we don’t endorse one particular professional, program, or company. However, we are steadily searching for proven coaches and programs that align with our mission so our diverse participants have pertinent options to choose from, if they so desire.  


The MRL Coaches Guild is a community of coaches and practitioners who share their best practices, successful curriculums and assignments, and new ideas. Guided by our Board of Directors, this collaboration of like-minded professionals will meet both on line and in-person to shift the coaching industry from scarcity-driven to abundant minded. Together, we will more effectively serve individuals experiencing cultural transition.


My Reinvented Life, Inc does not advocate for any one coach, culture or religion. The Coaches Guild provides coaching clients an opportunity to select a coach that will best suit their needs from among our list of professional, qualified coaches.

See coaching competency list before applying for membership.

Apply for the MRL Coaches Guild.

Why Join?

  • Being listed as a member of our coaching guild indicates that the MRL Board of Directors have felt that your purpose, vision, and curriculum are in alignment with this non-profit’s vision.

  • As invited members, you will become an integral part of a new coaching movement to support individuals experiencing cultural transition. 

  • You may be invited to participate in online interviews as a content expert.

  • To support your professional goals, you will have access to all MRL research, videos, workshops, events, etc.

  • If you are invited to join the MRL Coaching Guild, a monthly donation would be appreciated, but not required for membership.

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